How To Plagiarize Without Getting Caught By TurnItIn

Wanna know how to beat TurnItIn?

Many students live in fear of TurnItIn, the dreaded tool that catches plagiarism and thus can ruin our grade and our whole life! Even if we didn’t intend to plagiarise, TurnItIn can still catch us out. Annoying.

And the thing is that with SO many papers being ‘turned in’ all the time around the world, it’s next-to-impossible for there to be zero plagiarism. There’s always a chance you’re going to get pulled up for plagiarism each time you turn a paper in. Whether you’re paraphrasing something someone once said or putting a spin on an author’s thought, plagiarism is just around the corner.

So how do you beat TurnItIn?

The good news is that it’s actually possible to plagiarise without getting caught by TurnItIn. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to do just that.

Why Do We Plagiarise?

Many students want to know how to trick TurnItIn simply because they don’t have the time to write a whole essay from scratch, they’re not the best writers, or they’re not sure how to come up with their own compelling arguments.

Writing papers is difficult. Sometimes, inspiration just doesn’t come and a lot of the time writing something new on a particular subject is just damn near impossible. Especially when the deadline is looming.

So we Google the subject, find something that answers the question really well but which makes little sense to us – and copy it, almost word for word.

Why? Because putting our own, unique argument together is probably a bit beyond us. This doesn’t make us bad students per say; it’s just that we’re not the best at everything. Papers are hard work and knowing how to trick TurnItIn becomes something we want to find more about.

The problem is that plagiarism gets flagged and we get penalised. So how to cheat TurnItIn? How can we plagiarise without getting caught?

How To Plagiarise Without Getting Caught

1: Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is when you take an existing sentence and mix the words up a bit so that it looks original.

Here’s an example:
“Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.”

That’s an actual line from the internet that, were I to copy pretty much word for word in my paper, would land me in a lot of trouble for plagiarism. Instead, I can spin it like this:

“Any goal you set needs to fit into your current direction in life so that it’s actually relevant.”

The trick to paraphrasing is to mix the words up in a sentence while retaining the core meaning. If you think your paraphrased text is still too similar to the original, mix things up a bit more until it can’t foul fall of TurnItIn.

2: Toss In A Few Verbs and Adjectives

Knowing how to beat TurnItIn also means knowing your verbs and adjectives.

Sometimes, you don’t have to work hard on paraphrasing a whole sentence. Instead, you can just toss in a few verbs and adjectives to spice things up a bit.

Here’s an example:

“He was a good man who worked hard for his country.”

That’s an okay sentence but by adding a few adjectives, we can make it sexier – and unique. Like this:

“He was a fabulous gentleman who worked super duper hard for the U.S.”

Not that hard, is it?

3: Use an Article Rewrite Tool

Article rewrite tools are in plentiful supply on Google. Whisper it, but I know many employees who copy and paste existing articles into an article rewriter and simply upload the finished piece.

Students use them, too. Article rewrite tools – such as Text Rewriting – are often 100% free and easy to use. You simply copy and paste an existing article/essay into the tool and get your rewritten version.

This method isn’t foolproof, however. Article rewrite tools rarely produce top quality rewrites, which means you’ll then need to go through the whole thing with a fine tooth comb to spot mistakes and weird word choices. This will take you some time and you’ll also need to run it through a plagiarism checker, too.

Still, it’s definitely an option for students who need a paper fast.

4. Use Lots of Quotes

This one is a tad tricky because you can’t use too many quotes without your professor pulling you up on it for bulking up the word count. But, hey, papers are always full of quotes. If you rarely use them, start adding more to your paper as they will fill up the word count and you won’t be another victim of TurnItIn.

Just make sure to use the quote exactly as it appears in the original text and cite it according to your papers citation rules.

5: Cite Yourself

Did you know you can plagiarise yourself? Well, you can!

Self-plagiarism is kinda a weird concept but it’s a thing – and many students fall foul of it.

If you want to use material you’ve already used before because it’s brilliant, go ahead and do it. But you must cite it. Treat it like any other quote you’re using by any other person.

6: Use Essay Writing Services

The absolute best way to plagiarise without getting caught – and without having to do any writing work yourself – is to use an essay writing service such as Paper Help.

Essay writing services employ professional, expert writers who work on academic papers like essays and dissertations. Their services are totally legit and the process is really simple. You just tell them what you need and when you need it by, send the payment over – and they get to work.

They’ll also make any revisions you request, too.

This method is foolproof because your paper is in the hands of a professional writer who has experience with academic writing, and who knows how to avoid plagiarism. That said, there is a fee involved so you’ll need to manage your budget carefully. Still, thousands of students are using essay writing services because they work. They also remove a heck of a lot of stress.


Hopefully you now know how to plagiarise without getting caught by TurnItIn. You know how to cheat TurnItIn.

With so many papers to write during college, it’s no wonder students live in fear of plagiarism. Writing a paper isn’t easy and the demands to come up with original arguments all the time put pressure on us.

Follow the tips in this article to plagiarise without getting caught. And if you still fall foul of TurnItIn, deny everything.

Good luck!

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