Teaching Methods Used In A Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten is the first time where the child actually is exposed to a classroom environment where there is less of playing and more of studies and sitting still. Kindergarten teachers use several teaching methods to ensure that each child is understand how a teaching method works. These methods are designed in a way which allows you to ensure that each student excels at what is to come. Many strategies are used to ensure that everything is done right.


Whole Group Instructions

This is often called as direct instruction where the teacher is telling the entire class to do the same thing at the same time. This may include activities like reading or demonstrating a talent. Many maths concepts are introduced. This is where class discussions, Q and A’s is used to instruct the whole group.


Small Group Instruction

Small Group

Sometime because of a large class it is easier for the kindergarten teacher to divide the class into small groups to ensure that an activity is completed. These activities involve colouring a map, completing a workbook or doing art project. The groups are often divided by ensuring that the students are on same level from complex projects. This is where the teachers introduce the concept of volunteering to help the group of children grow in their academics. Academic things like answering questions and demonstrating a topic falls under this instruction.


Individualized instruction

This type of instruction is also called a one on one instruction, where students are trying to give or receive information on a personal note. This information could be anything from receiving numbers or giving them individual projects. This can be a little difficult for the teachers but this can help the students with individual growth. This instructions can be listening to one student, reading out loud, going over a journal entry or just to improve the child’s handwriting skills. This can be tricky as other students should not feel left out which can cause them to loose interest.


Differentiated instruction

The kindergarten teachers have to learn a lot, this is where differentiated instructions come into play. This method requires to understand the students who learns more effectively and tailor the instruction for those who need it. This is where the teacher has to assign the assignment to meet the needs of students. If you think that the child is visual learner it is important that she models the assignment and demonstrate the concept she is teaching to help better understand the subject. There are many different tools and books which one can make use of when trying to explain the academic to the students which will increases the chances of the child to be successful in his academic career.