ProEssayHelp Review 2019: Is Legit?

Writing papers is hard (believe me, I know) and it’s small wonder more and more of us students are turning to essay writing services to do us a solid. We procrastinate, we run out of ideas – and we just can’t get our paper over the line.

There are plenty of benefits involved when using an essay writing service – for a fee, you get a paper written and fine-tuned by professional essay writers who deliver exactly what you need on time.

Pro Essay Help is one such UK-based essay writing service aimed at students in need of a bit of magic dust on their next paper. But is it worth it? Join me to find out in my ProEssayHelp review.

What Is ProEssayHelp?

ProEssayHelp is a UK-based essay and academic writing service, which means they’re home to a team of professional, academic writers who have years of experience working on papers. Their services are for students operating on a budget who need a B- grade at least, and who are otherwise struggling to finish (or even start!) their paper themselves.

Although they’re UK based, you can still make an order if you’re from the U.S. – or, indeed, anywhere in the world. Just ask them whether you want your paper writing in standard English or American English and they’ll get to work.

Pro Essay Help has been well established for a few years by now and is fully reputable and legit.

How To Use ProEssayHelp

Using Pro Essay Help couldn’t be easier.

To get started, you can either use the online order form to make your order, or you can give them a call. Both methods are really easy, with the order form consisting of a series of dropdown menus that includes ‘subject’ ‘type of work’ and ‘number of pages.’

You need to specify any instructions you have for the writer before selecting your preferred writer. This is an important bit because Pro Essay Help actually lets you choose your own writer who you think is most capable of working on your paper. They’ll offer up a few candidates – all you need to do is pick one.

Then, you get the chance to discuss your paper with the writer via a chat function. Take this opportunity to inform the writer of any notes that are important for the successful completion of the paper. All the writers are professionally trained to communicate with customers. If you give them all the information they need, there’s a much better chance they’ll deliver a top-notch paper straight off the bat.

You can discuss topic ideas with the writer, too, as well as possible deadlines.

Once you’re satisfied they’ve got all the info they need, you just need to process payment and they’ll go ahead and write the paper.

Upon completion of the paper, you’ll be given the chance to read it though and request any revisions you think are needed. Pro Essay Help hire professional academic writers but there’s still every chance that a paper will need one or two tweaks. This is fine and you can open dialogue with the writer to offer your suggestions. Pro Essay Help offer free revisions.

What Kind Of Papers Does Pro Essay Help Help With?

The great news about Pro Essay Help is that they employ a variety of essay writers who each have experience with different niches, topics and academic papers. Altogether, their writers work on more than a hundred different subject fields, with their knowledge extending from mathematics to chemistry and beyond.

If you’re worried that your topic is a bit too niche, just give them a message to see if they can help you.

It’s also worth mentioning that Pro Essay Help offers editing, researching and proofreading services alongside their writing services. They will also help you choose a topic for your paper if you’re struggling to come up with one. You can also ask them to work on a section of your already mostly-completed paper, as opposed to the whole paper if that’s what you need.

Did Pro Essay Help? Was It Reliable?

I used Pro Essay Help myself and I have to say that this essay writing service totally worked and that it was 100% reliable.

I’m a student just like you who was struggling to nail my essay. Time was running out and I was stuck for a topic idea. I’d written 50 words on literally nothing and knew I was in big trouble.

I’d heard all about essay writing services before and come across one or two on Reddit but I was unsure about using them myself. Then, I came across Pro Essay Help, a supposed best essay writing service that looked legit and credible, and which was offering to delivery high quality papers on time for a very affordable price.

I filled out the online order form, spoke 1:1 with my writer, processed payment – and waited. All the time I was worried that it was a dumb idea because the same questions kept going through my mind: What if the writer lets me down? I’d be totally screwed in that case!

Fortunately, they didn’t. Not only did the writer propose an awesome topic to me (one that I would never have come up with myself) but they made me feel at ease the whole time we were chatting before they wrote the paper.

They also turned in an excellent paper that landed me an A-. I was delighted, it was exactly what I needed. A solid paper, a solid grade and I didn’t overspend. I will definitely be using Pro Essay Help again.

More Info On Pro Essay Help

  • Discounts are available, with the best one being 15% off your first paper. Loyalty bonuses are also on offer – the more papers you order, the more money you’ll save.
  • Live chat is on offer 24/7, which means you can ask them a question whenever you want, wherever you are in the world
  • Prices start out from $13 per page
  • Fast turnover is available with prices starting out at $35.95 for expedited delivery

Conclusion – Is Pro Essay Help Worth It?

Pro Essay Help is one of the best essay writing services, and ideal for students who are a bit short of cash, but who need a professional paper written. They’re home to native writers, they always deliver on time and communication is excellent. I can’t recommend them enough after they saved my own skin! (twice)