GradeMiners Review: Does it Work?

Grade Miners is one of the most well-known essay review services in the U.S. However, like all essay services it has good and bad reviews. So how do you know how trustworthy it is? Is it going to get you the grade you wanted? Or is it going to land you with an even worse grade than you could have got?

Well, I decided to check it out. Let’s take a look at my GradeMiners review so you can decide if this essay service is for you.

Who Am I And Why Am I Writing This GradeMiners Review?

Like you, I’m a student who – like many of us – was struggling to finish my essay on time. I’m a cash-strapped, practical-minded student who is prone to bouts of procrastination. Writing essays has never been my forte. I’m the kind of guy who can spend hours at my desk and write literally just a handful of sentences. All the Mountain Dew in the world can’t help me.

I’m also a pretty poor student with mounting student debts. So when I found Grade Miners – a very affordable essay review service – I was pretty stoked. But I was also sceptical. I’d heard of other students using essay services, but I thought to myself “do they really work? Or will I be left with a dog’s dinner of an essay written by a non-native?”

Worse still, would I lose money – money I couldn’t afford to lose?

In desperation, I decided to take the plunge …

How To Use Grade Miners

Grade Miners connects students like us with professional, academic writers who are prepared to write our difficult essays for us. For non-natives especially, Grade Miners is useful.

To get started, you need to log onto their website. To do that, you first need to sign up, after which you’re given access to your own customer area. Then, you’re automatically connected with a 100% vetted writer and researcher. However, should you decide that this candidate isn’t suitable for you, you also take your pick from the almost 2,000 ‘experts’ who are on-hand to help you out.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your time wading through 2,000 profiles, as the website tries to pair you up with the academics who are experts in your field of study. I was pretty lucky as I was handed 5 very suitable candidates almost immediately.

Once you’ve chosen a writer, you need to make the payment. This is determined by a payment calculator, which goes off the type of work you’re requesting and the due date. Once the payment is processed and you’ve got your account all up and running, you need to then send the writer your essay with any notes and pointers you have for them (including your preferred references style).

Then, the writer gets to work. Within a few days (or even less), they’ll get back to you with the finished assignment.

If you’re not satisfied with the finished product and think it needs a few changes, you can ask for as many revisions as you want, and you won’t be charged extra for these. Moreover, there is a 30-day revision period.

Turnaround is fast, although if you want expedited delivery you will have to pay extra.

What Kind of Essays Do They Write?

Grade Miners connects students with professional writers who have a wealth of experience across a broad range of academic subjects. The writers available have worked on biology papers, chemistry papers, engineering papers, math papers – and more.

The writers also have many strings to their bows when it comes to the types of papers they’ll work on. They can dust off thesis proposals, dissertations, personal statements, lab reports, case studies and book reports. If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed on the website, simply start a chat with the live chat service and find out what they can do for you.

Did Grand Miners Actually Help? Was it Reliable?

It was definitely helpful for me and I have to admit that I was super impressed with the quality of work. There is no way in hell I’d have written an essay as good as what I got. The money was worth it and – for me – it’s the best essay service out there.

That said, revisions will most likely be necessary but this is just par for the course. My essay wasn’t 100% perfect first time around and I asked for 2 revisions. I’m personally not the kind of chap who likes to ask for things like that, but Grade Miners like to remind you that quality and customer satisfaction is important to them, and they literally encourage you to ask for revisions. Plus, they’re all free.

What I ended up with was a very solid essay that was fully-referenced in the way I wanted, free from plagiarism (you’re given a plagiarism report if you ask for one) and the submission was bang on time. Communication was excellent and the instructions were followed to the letter. Very reliable.

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More Info About Grade Miners

So, I was pretty impressed by the quality of work I was given and the value for money. After doing a bit of subsequent research, I found that writers can’t apply to write for Grade Miners – instead, this is an invitation-only platform.

In other words, the writers are carefully profiled, picked out and hired on the strength of their academic talents, as well as how well they fare on pretty demanding qualifying tests.

Not just that, but Grade Miners then spends time with each writer once they’re hired in order to train them up and boost their skills further.

Here is some more info about Grade Miners:

  • You get email notifications when your essay is complete
  • Live chat is available 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied
  • Unlimited revisions are offered but they expire after 2 weeks
  • Variety of writers available who can either write in UK English or American English

Final Review and Verdict on GradeMiners

Grade Miners is easily the best essay service I’ve come across. There’s a lot that I loved about it and I’d definitely use their essay review services again. I enjoyed their professionalism, their levels of communication and the quality of the work. I also felt that the fee was reasonable. If you’re a struggling student who simply can’t complete your assignment, or if you’re a non-native who can’t quite nail the English language just yet, I highly recommend checking Grade Miners out.